Hazera’s Onion Study Tour 2016 – Exploring the West

Hazera is taking 40 VIP onion specialists from 10 countries on an educational trip on onion breeding, production, processing and marketing in California, USA.

The tour started April 18th with presentations by Mr. Ben de Nijs, Regional Product Manager Onions, and Mr. Bob Munger, Commercial Manager USA, followed by an amazing drive via the coastal highway on the way to leading companies in sustainable onion production and processing. During the trip, the group is enjoying delicious food, and undertaking leisure activities reinforcing group spirit and exchange at personal level. Beside onion growing, there is also attention for processing, for example dehydrated onion manufacturing. Crop types are ranging from short, intermediate to long day onions, in yellow, red, pink or even white. Coming up are presentations on Research & Development and Breeding, and also on Marketing of onions.
A lot of impressions, and of course many fruitful interactions taking place during this enjoyable Tour taking onion knowledge to a higher level.

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